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Slender beauty Talula moved to Dubai from Europe. And she likes this luxurious city with its high speeds, long distances, and business people. Talula is very petite. She's only 5 feet 5 inches tall, and she likes to feel like a little girl in a big city. She likes to dress nicely, wear high heels and sit in a cafe with a Cup of tea or walk the streets of Dubai with good company. Talula`s friends often accompany her in shopping. The girl loves high-quality expensive clothes. She says that it is better to buy one expensive branded shoe than 5 fakes. In fashion, she understands, and she has a huge wardrobe. Talula is always stylishly dressed, and you can learn from her, so say her friends. She has Golden blond hair and beautiful blue eyes, which can look endlessly. Early in the morning Talula always goes for a run. She likes to keep herself in great shape. Also running helps to collect thoughts, dream, and start the day with positive emotions. She likes to run in the Park because there are so good breathing and such a beautiful view. Therefore, the girl is engaged in sports on the street almost all year round. And only in very bad weather engaged in the gym. Talula is very plastic due to the fact that most of her life was engaged in dancing. And now she does not forget about her hobby. She likes smooth slow dancing and pole dancing. We can say that this is more a kind of acrobatics than just dancing. Talula's always been interested in art. Therefore, it will be a great pleasure for her to visit an exhibition of a modern artist or a tour of the Bolshoi theater. Of course, she would be doubly pleased to do it in good company with a man who as well as she understands the art. The perfect weekend for Talula is a visit to the Institute of Contemporary Arts with an intelligent companion. Then dinner in a small restaurant with a good view, where the couple can drink good wine and discuss the performance seen.

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