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Young sultry beauty Fidda loves jokes and she loves to laugh! She is light-hearted and really looks to have a good time at any moment of the day or night. And she absolutely loves to sing! You may hear her spontaneously break out into her favorite song of the moment. She even studied singing before transferring to the UAE. She is definitely a professional cat cuddler but had to leave her best buddy and the love of her life at home due to the quarantine laws in the UAE. In her native country, her gorgeous statuesque figure allowed her to begin a brief modeling career while finishing her studies. Incredible as it may seem, this dazzling brunette also loves books and enjoys spending evenings as a bibliophile whenever possible. Even though mysteries and romance are her absolute favorites, a quick read of Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises would undoubtedly get her attention. When not reading she will take a whirl on the dance floor and enjoys a visit to a local disco club for drinks and dancing. Fidda enjoys weekend visits to mountaintops or warm beaches for spontaneous adventures or vacations or even any quick getaway that is immersed in luxury. Friends describe Fidda as fun-loving, funny, and passionate. And they say she is absolutely addicted to chocolate, so chocoholics beware! A visit to a famous chocolate shop is definitely on her list of things to do. She might even share her sweets with you. She loves being pampered and pampering her friends. A day at the spa with long relaxing massages, a sauna, and a manicure will bring a smile to her lips. She likes to finish her ideal evening with a comfortable dinner for two with dimmed lights, soft music, delicious food, and a bottle of the best red wine.

Dubai Escort Gallery

165 cm
50 kg