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Charo a girl with unusual beauty. She has an exotic appearance. Snow-white delicate skin. Firm big breasts and buttocks. She is not afraid of experiments and new sensations. With this gentle a-level escort men feel like real winners and heroes. With her, it is easy to liberate and get great pleasure. Charo is an unusual girl. And even her hobbies are unusual. She always likes to try something new and go to places where she has never been before. She loves extreme travel. Earlier, when she lived in her homeland, she and her friends went hiking in the forests of Altai. It was a dangerous journey, especially spending the night in the woods, where wild animals roam. And once, to shorten the distance, they crossed a swirling river. She feeds on these emotions, lives them. Friends say about her that she loves to make surprises and give gifts and good mood to loved ones just like that. At home, she can easily throw a party and gather all her friends, arrange karaoke with dancing. She is also a fan of football, this is another reason for Charol's move to UAE. She is fascinated by the atmosphere in the stadium. She loves to watch the crowd of excited fans in the stadium. Guys with this girl are very interesting. She is interested in statistics, knows a lot of teams and players, former football legends. And after the match, she discusses the game with stormy emotions. If her favorite team gets into the European Cup, she considers it happiness to go with it to away matches. She travels and cheers for her team at the same time. Men love her for it. In addition to the fact that she is very beautiful, she is their soulmate. Guys want to spend time with her. She'd never had a problem with men's attention. Charo has had several serious Affairs in her life, but now her heart is free and she dreams of falling in love and being loved. And love strongly and firmly she keeps managing.

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170 cm
50 kg